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Internships Recipients


Summer 2017 Interns:

Student Name


Mentor/Host Institute

Jonathan Gaikwad


Dr. Joel Gaikwad/ORU

Faiz Safdar


Dr. Randall Davis/OSU-CHS

Christy Eslinger


Dr. Subhas Das/OSU-CHS

Tyler Noble


Dr. Sapna Das-Bradoo/NSU

Stephanie Sandoval


Dr. Kath Curtis/OSU-CHS

Effects of BFNA on Inflammatory Expression in Mouse Microglia
Faiz Safdar, F.Barksdale, D.Buck, K.McCracken, and R.L. Davis

Curcumin Induced Cell Death in Human Breast Cancer Cell Line (MDA-MB-231)
Jonathan Gaikwad and J. Gaikwad

Elucidating the Function of Cancer-related Genes by Mutational Analysis
Tyler Noble, C. Eddington, and S. Das-Bradoo

Modulation of NGF Expression in TNBS-induced Colitis in Rat Colony 
Christy Eslinger, K.E. Miller, S. Das

GFAP-Immunolabeling in the Hindbrains of Ovariectomized Rats:  Effects of Estrogen Treatment and Sodium Deficient Diet. 
Stephanie D. Sandoval, S.L. Core, and K.S. Curtis


Summer 2016 Interns:

 Jacob Beckham (TCC), OK INBRE SMART Recipient,  Mentor:  Diana Spencer, Ph.D (TCC)
  • The Identification of Bacteria in the Rhizosphere of Alfalfa Plants
 Trevor Torgerson (ORU), Mentor:  Joel Gaikwad, Ph.D. (ORU)  
  • Gene Expression in Staphylococcus aureus and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus biofilms
Samira Ali (NSU), Mentor: Sapna Das-Bradoo, Ph.D. (NSU)
  • Knockout of Bar1 gene in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Thomas Faris (RSU), Mentor:  Kath Curtis, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS)

  • Do Estrogen and Salt Loss Influence Neuroglia In Specific Hypothalamic Regions in Rats?
Alishbah Malik (NSU), Mentor:  Randy Wymore, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS)
  • Evidence of Fibers in Theropod Fossil Fragments
Nick Richardson & Cassandra Pickerel (TCC),  Mentor:  Akhtar Ali, PhD. (TU)
  • Detection of Known and Unknown Plant Viruses.



Summer 2015 Interns:

 Samantha Rice (TCC);  Mentor:  Randy Wymore, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS)
  • The Investigation and Molecular Analysis of Morgellons Epithelial Tissue Samples
 Alishbah Malik (NSU); Mentor:  Randy Wymore, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS)
  • Morgellons Disease: A Look at the History, Controversy, & Microbial Aspect
 Joana Oduro (ORU);  Mentor:  Joel Gaikwad, Ph.D. (ORU)
  • The Effects of Curcumin and DPP on HT 29 cancer cells
 Joana Oduro (ORU);  Mentor:  Joel Gaikwad, Ph.D. (ORU)
  • The Effects of Curcumin and DPP on HT 29 cancer cells
Gabriel Johnson (TCC) and Caleb Smith (TTC); Mentor:  Akhtar Ali, PhD. (TU)
  • Detection of Viruses Using Serological and Molecular Techniques
Branden Brantley (RSU); Mentor:  Kath Curtis, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS)
  • Glial Activation in Response to Weight Gain in Ovariectomized Rats
Anam Ashraf (NSU); Mentor: Ratnakar Deole, Ph.D. (NSU)
  • Quantitative Analysis of Compatible Solutes in Extremely Halophilic Bacteria




Summer 2014 Interns:


  Kaily Cox (ORU); Mentor: Joel Gaikwad, Ph.D. (ORU). 
  • Curcumin induces apoptosis and lowers the level of survivin in colon adeno carcinoma cell line (HT-29)
 Jazeb Ifikhar (TCC); Mentor: Al Rouch, PhD. (OSU-CHS).  
  • The Expression of WNK 1 and WNK 4 Genes in Male and Female Kidneys and Its Association With Blood Pressure
 Lina Guerroro (TCC); Mentor: Al Rouch, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS).  
  • Sex Differences in Blood Pressure, Renal Handling of Sodium, and Expression of Renal Sodium Transporters in DOCA-Treated Mice
 Angela Joy Fortner(TCC); Mentor: Randy Wymore, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS).  
  • Microbial Analysis of Morgellons Disease Tissue Samples 
Lauren Stewart (TCC); Mentor: Randy Wymore, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS).  
  • Microbial Analysis of Morgellons Disease Tissue Samples 
Chase Mills (Tulsa Tech); Mentor: Frank Champlin, Ph.D. (OSU-CHS).
  • The Effects of Zinc on Triclosan Efficacy in Disparate Pseudomonas aeruginosa Mutants




Summer 2013 Interns:

Student Name


Mentor/Host Instittute

Justin Kruse


Dr. Randy Wymore/OSU-CHS

Annie Gilliam


Dr. Tom Curtis/OSU-CHS

Mylissa Stover


Dr. Gerald Kohler/OSU-CHS

Andrew Brown


Dr. Kath Curtis/OSU-CHS

Aidan Huene


Dr. Nedra Wilson/OSU-CHS

Summer 2012 Interns:

Student Name


Mentor/Host Institute

Carol Saylor TCC Dr. Randy Wymore/OSU-CHS
Matthew Cyr RSU Dr. Kent Teague/OUHSC
Victoria Reynolds ORU Dr. Gerald Köhler/OSU-CHS
Ashley Hopkins TCC Dr. Sapna Das Bradoo/NSU
Catherine Page TU Dr. Charles Brown/TU
Caitlin Blose ORU Dr. Estelle Levetin/TU


Summer 2011 Interns:

  • Christine Bogdanoff (ORU)
  • Nate Miller (TU)
  • Brandon Denton (TCC)
  • Zoey Miranda (ORU)
  • Matt Cyr (RSU)
  • Sarrah Malas (TCC)

Host Labs:

  • Charles Brown, PhD (TU)
  • Earl Blewett, PhD (OSU-Tulsa)
  • Kathleen Curtis, PhD (OSU-Tulsa)
  • Estelle Levetin, PhD, (TU)
  • Nedra Wilson, PhD (OSU-Tulsa)
  • Randy Wymore , PhD (OSU-Tulsa)


  • Kent Teague, PhD (OU-Tulsa)
  • Julie Marino, PhD (OU-Tulsa)
  • Rhonda Denninger (TCF)


 Fall 2011 Interns:

  • Nicholas Hall (NSU-Broken Arrow)
  • Joel Pagan (ORU)
  • Melissa Thurston (TCC)

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